Papercut exhibition

Exhibition design for Paper Cut commissioned by KOP Breda, Graphic Design Festival Breda and Gestalten publishers.
20 tons of paper waste were used to create the walls, seats and screens for this exhibition at Stichting Kop, Breda.
During the Graphic Design Festival Breda publisher Gestalten and art space KOP presented ‘Paper Cut’. An exhibition displaying the innovative use of paper by graphic designers and artist. Up to now paper is the most important material of our civilization. It has served as a medium for documenting information and ideas. Today, as we are approaching a digital era in which the role of paper will shift, paper is enjoying a renaissance among young artists and designers worldwide as an experimental material for design.

The exhibition is co-curated by Robert Klanten, known as editor for famous books like Tangible, Paper Craft and the Urban Interventions. Together with KOP curator Dennis Elbers they selected over 12 international designers for this exhibition.