Street Sculptures

For the international art festival De Wereld van Witte de With we created an identity, signage and a series of huge street sculptures. The shapes were based on protest signs interacting with their context, in this case the street. All sculptures communicated a famous street related quote selected by curator Lukas Feireiss.

This year’s Festival De Wereld van Witte de With entitled The Street – LIve Issue! curated by Feireiss looks into the subject of the ‘street’. The festival addresses the street as integral element of socio-cultural interaction within the urban environment, that is shared between all sorts of people. Rather than to understand the street from a mono-functional perspective, the festival re-imagines the street as a ever-changing, altered state within the fabric of the city. As a hybrid and multifunctional space of constant change, the street plays a vital role in the formation and transformation of the whole urban network beyond traditional urbanist-architectural and political conventions. The Street – Live Issue!  curatorial emphasis rests on the notion of the ‘street’, and aims to highlight the role and position of the street in contemporary political discourse through creative participatory processes. It thereby not only considers the street as a space of encounter, and as a alternative site of artistic creation and cultural production, but foremost conceives the street as a highly social and political space.

Constructed in collaboration with Verkstad
in the workspace of Hofman & sons.
Pictures Aad Hogendoorn & Fred Ernst.