Berlin Berliner Berlinest

Photographic poster series of analogue typographic Sculptures we made for the exhibition ‘El Segundo’ in Berlin’s UrbanSpree Gallery.
“Who is the Berlinest of them all? The series of prints playfully touches upon the comic competition between original Berliners and expats, experienced visitors and first-timers. Taking six typical Berlin assets, such as the blurring of houses on GoogleMaps, Studio Spass here comments on the personal appropriation of the German capital through the ironic visualisation of the city’s name. The prints are entirely designed with analogue techniques, using a mirror as the main instrument.”

Curators: Studio Lukas Feireiss, JanJoost Jullens
Exhibition picture by Aad Hoogendoorn

The whole series are for sale (6xA2) 25eur ex shipping