Atelier Wartaal

‘WARTAAL’ is a playground for language and performing arts, the studio has created for contemporary art gallery TENT Rotterdam. Wartaal is a collaborative project by TENT Rotterdam, Theater Rotterdam, writer Raoul de Jong and StudioSpass. Visitors are invited to make their first steps in this magical world and discover what performance art is and does. In addition to performance as an art form, language is also an important theme. What kind of languages ​​actually excist? A full alfabet of 26 activities will make you perform and explore language in the space in various ways. The custom and playful typography system we designed plays the main visual role and can be found and everywhere within the space. It encourages visitors to play, make and discover terrain in which they are challenged to shape their view of the world. To get visitors in the right head space an introduction video was made that also serves as the secret entry into the space. In the video visitors are encouraged to put on and compile their own ‘letter suit’ and jump into the adventure.