A-Lab ニューアイデンティティ

A-Lab Exhibition Vol.31 ニューアイデンティティ “New Identity” curated by Tetsuya Goto
This solo exhibition in Japan celebrates the introduction of the newly developed identity for the Amagasaki based Art gallery. We designed a recognisable system for A-lab with lines and surfaces that can be used to create an infinite number of possibilities. The exhibition is the outcome of our research into the possible compositions and manifestations of this system. The results, multiple sculptures and installations, are spread over 3 rooms and the entrance hall. The installation of miniature sculptures in the beautiful Japanse room and several other works were designed in Rotterdam and produced in collaboration with Tetsuya Goto and his students at the Kindai University.

Pictures by Omote-san and Cosmo Yamamoto
Production crew: A-Lab, Tetsuya Goto, Kantaro sign painters and the students of Kindai University, Osaka